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12 October 1945 was the most indispensable period of east Java history since from the data, the new provincial government set forth. At that time, Raden mas Tumenggung Ario Soerjo Was inaugurated the first governor of East Java Provincial Government of Indonesia.Due to its sacredness, the data has been declared the anniversary of the East Java Provincial Government

The graceful Bidadari Majapahit, golden celestial apsara in Majapahit style perfectly describes Majapahit as “the golden age” of the archipelago.
By Gunkarta — Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

As a provincial government, East Java is not, indeed, as old as any other regencies under its outhority whose existence dates back based on the history of each old glorius kingdoms.The East Java Provincial Government age was merely based on the time when theinauguration on the first governor took place.

It doesnot mean,however, that the provice of east Java does not have any relation to the great kingdom. The historical plot had been a sequence that witnessed the rapid growth of East Java. If it is now being contemplated, east Java was greatly correlated with the great glory of the old empire although the time sequence seems blurred within history and faints through the modernization and change.

In some districts of Indonesia, the historical plot has been weel recognized. The most Predominant example is the special region,Yogyakarta which successfully detail its royal family from the old up the present.

Thouhout East Java, the trace of the old glory are still identifield although the government system and its society have totally changed. The site of the old, such as temples and inscriptions discovered were then successfully traced the great history of East Java. Some of them are now used as the pfficial measurement of the anniversary of province of East Java

The great Majapahit was one the largest Javanese empire within history authorizing the far-reaching area of Indonesia archipelago known as Nusantara. Its well-known “Tan Amukti Palapa”, the oath of the Minister Gajah Mada to unite Nusantara was Only a part of East Java history. The collapse of the empire and the period of Dutch and Japanese colonialism were also part of East Java History.

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